Photo of Beer Brewers in Vista, California

Tom Vogel, CEO, Owner & General Manager


I have wanted to open a bar, or pizza brewery for years. I have made offers on what I thought would be good locations, but the numbers never really worked. I thought I would have to wait until retirement. Then for some reason, one day I was drinking at Port Brewing Company in San Marcos with some buddies, looked around and just decided I was going to open a brewery, and that was it.

I have been a back yard brewer and wine maker for many years now, and loved what I was making. At the same time I was playing poker with Troy Smith from Coronado Brewing Company, and he was helping me make beer. So one day I just asked him if he wanted to do his own thing. Troy said yes. So I had the brewer I wanted. I figured that was a pretty good start.

I met Dave Mobley, an accomplished Architect, in a wine class several years ago, and we started making our own wines together. One day he asked me if I was still going to open a brewery, and I told him I was. He asked if he could partner up, and after about an hour of both of us saying we didn’t like the idea of partnerships, we decided to forget about it and hit the local San Diego breweries. By the time we were at the 5th (and last) one, Stone Brewing Company, Dave said, “That’s it! Let’s do this! I love these places.”

Now since I had the brewer and a partner, my wife was much more agreeable to me moving forward and that was the last piece of the puzzle. With my new found team in place, and the help of a few hearty home brews, Belching Beaver was born!


I can’t leave the page without mentioning Jenny, My wife, “Beer Wife” who has been playing a deeper role in our other business and a great help out at the Brewery. She organizes everything from events to my office. She enjoys pouring beer and making everybody feel completely at home. She is just awesome.


Dave Mobley (Spock), COO & Owner 

Dave is an accomplished architect. He make models of buildings and other cool things. We call him Spock, and I can ask him about anything related to numbers, and he just comes up with the answer in his head. Dave doesn’t say things like “up” or “sideways” or even “straight” instead he says stuff life vertical, horizontal, or perpendicular-to-the-wall. It takes some people a little while to understand Dave. There is no way we could have done this brewery without his expertise, time, and guidance (like when he pulled me aside and said “That’s not to code.”). He built the entire bar with some welding from Charlie Duvel, they pulled it off and we love it.


Troy Smith; Head Brewer (The Gimp)

Troy has many years of experience in brewing beer and is well-respected in the San Diego brewing community. Just the fact that our first batches were simply outstanding is a testament to his abilities. I cannot tell you how many experienced beer drinkers, beer judges and brewery owners have come up to me and said our beer was just fantastic! We call Troy the gimp because he broke his foot a couple days before we had to brew our first batches. He still showed up to work with 2 plates and multiple screws in his ankle. I brought him an easy chair for the brew pad and he pointed to everything that needed to be done. I burned myself so many times on 140 degree water I promised I was going to break his other leg. I also brought a toy box trailer to the parking lot so he had a place to sleep. Every morning I would pound in the box and say “Wake up the Gimp, it’s time to Brew!”




Thomas Peters (Alpha King Champion):  Thomas joined our brew team in the Fall of 2013 and has been working hard to share his “book learnin” of brew science with our crew.  We used to say he was never one to complain or show up late.  Things ended up changing after he won Alpha King for his precious Pound Town III IPA.  We don’t even think that head dress fits him anymore.  With that said, in three short years, he has gone from volunteer to the head of the QC department here at The Belching Beaver. He is now an integral part of our family and you will even see him behind the Vista tasting room bar slinging drinks from time to time.

Peter Perrecone:  Peter is our  Vista brewhouse manager and also the head of our sour beer program.  You can say he is one of a kind just like his sour brews.  This gorgeous ginger can be caught brewing it up and managing our Vista brewhouse.

Josh Smith:  When he is working do not be surprised if you hear, “JoshDAMN-it!”  because he is probably doing something he shouldn’t be.  He does have his upsides though beginning with taking on all our night shifts!  He works all night to get you the products that you love.  If you ever catch him on the brew pad make sure to say hello!

Brian Hutchins:  We didn’t know what we got when we hired him but he turned out ok.  Now he fixes everything Thomas breaks; It’s all about balance here.



Rex Roberts: Rexy is a special soul and a hardworking one at that.  He is definitely the comedian of the bunch and always there when anyone needs help.  You can also come visit him on Sundays serving up some of our fantastic brews and tellin’ jokes.  Boom!

Anthony Landau:  “Sprinkles” earned his name breaking a fire sprinkler and flooding our offices the first week on the job.  Although we denied his offer to pay for the flood restoration, it showed great character and we decided he was a keeper.


Barrett Brown: Warehouse Manager

Josh Hembre, Chris Kelly, Isaac Gomez, Sam Casillas



 Marc Truex (Big Beaver):

We brought Marc on to be our sales department, and boy has he really stepped up to the challenge. It is thanks to his perseverance and hard work that you find Beaver brews around San Diego County. You can find him at beer festivals and just about any craft beer joint in town.

Michael Schaffer:

Our North San Diego County sales rep, Mike can be seen jumping in and out of accounts all day long.

Mark Amador:

This guy battles traffic on the daily to help spread the good word about our beers to the Orange County and LA region. Make sure to give him a high five when you see him!

Andy “Nacho” Morales:

Need beer in Coronado, Downtown San Diego, Ocean Beach, Imperial Beach or the South Bay.  He’s your man! 

Maura Tibbs:

You can find this lady all over LA representing our brand and selling our beers.  

Carley Hunter:

This chick is all over the place!  She really has a knack for the whole selling beer thing. Look for her from the IE to The Central Coast.



Vista Tasting Room:

Karye Wallace: Tasting Room Manager

Beertenders: Barrett Brown, Brittany Gassett, Elycia Nelson, Greg Thorndyke, John Taylor, Joshua Smith, Rex Roberts, Sheena Foster, Sigrid Garvey and Thomas McNeal Peters.




Vista Tasting Room Hours:

Monday 4:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Thursday 4:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Friday 3:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Saturday 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Sunday 1:00 pm – 7:00 pm

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