The World’s Most Famous Beer Bars

Beer bars are usually good places to share with friends and family. Stay in this great article and discover which are the most famous beer bars in the world, what aspects catheterize these bars and more.

What are beer bars?

Beer bars, also known as “breweries”, is a business that is responsible for providing its customers with this type of drink.
These businesses are in charge of selling beers, whether industrial or craft, and must have licenses that allow them to open this type of bar.

Furthermore, a brewery is not an ordinary bar, it must have characteristics, features and properties that identify it as a “beer bar”.

What characterizes a beer bar?

For a beer bar to be considered as such, it must have more characteristics than just the title of the place, the main aspects that this business must have are:

  • Great variety of beers.
  • Counter or bar to order.
  • Glasses and special glassware or bottled beers.
  • Beer taps or jugs.
  • Warm and modern atmosphere.
  • Good customer service and qualified staff.

The World’s Most Famous Beer Bars

Beer is a widely consumed drink around the world, so it is very common that there are many bars. The most famous beer bars are geographically distributed, differentiating them for their services and quality.

BierCaB-Barcelona, ​​Spain

BierCaB is a beer bar located in Spain, it is known for selling the best craft beers in the country and for having a beautiful decoration.

It is defined as an elegant bar that is very visited by Spanish and foreign people from all over the world, this is due to its wide variety of drinks and its quality menu.

The fierce hops-Austrias, Spain

This beer hall has a rustic tone, its decoration is modern and it offers its drinks through taps and barrels. “El hops feroz” is known for having a warm and perfect atmosphere to meet an afternoon with friends and family, good music and refreshing beers.

Bar & restaurant Akkurat-Stockholm, Sweden

The fusion of beer bars and restaurants does not go out of style. Akkurat offers its customers a rich menu and a wide variety of craft beers.

This bar has a good reputation for looking stylish and serving its beers in glass tumblers, however it also has brewing taps. That is, it adapts to the needs of the client, being perfect to spend an afternoon with friends.

Mikkeller & Friends- Copenhagen, Denmark

This bar is considered one of the newest and most recognized that exists, it has a badge awarded for offering the best variety of Mikkeller beers and for providing its customers with delicious craft beers.

In addition, this beer pub is also dedicated to distributing juices and wines, this was implemented to meet the needs of all audiences.

Muted Horn- Berlin, Germany

This bar is ranked among the best in Germany, has a dazzling and welcoming establishment. Muted Horn defines Germany’s beer quality very well, this bar offers a wide variety of drinks, perfect for any gathering.

Moeder Lambic Original- Saint-Gilles, Belgium.

In this incredible bar you will find very good customer service, waiters who will recommend and serve you in the best way. In addition, its menu has a delicious variety of beers and really tasty snacks so you can have a good time here.

The Birch -Virginia, United States

The Birch has a trained staff dedicated to providing excellent customer service. This bar has varied amounts of barrels and rich craft beers, special for any occasion.

Now that you know the location and names of these amazing bars, join the adventure and dress them up, but drink with moderation.

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