How is beer made?

Beer is a very popular alcoholic beverage and consumed daily. Stay in this interesting article and know what beer is, how it is made and what ingredients are needed to prepare it. Everything here and more.

What is beer?

Beer is an alcohol-based drink, very popular, for having a refreshing and addictive taste. Beer can be brewed in different ways and comes in a variety of presentations. It is prepared based on barley and starch, standing out among the drinks for its different flavors and for its gaseous form.

It can be presented with various degrees of alcohol, it depends on how and who prepares it, it is a drink for any taste and need.

Ingredients for the preparation

To make your own beer, it is necessary that you have each of the ingredients provided, these are:

  • Water: the liquid in beer is made up of 90% water.
  • Barley or malt: this ingredient is one of the most important for the preparation, it is responsible for the appearance of the foam and giving it its unusual smell and color.
  • Yeast: this ingredient makes the fermentation of beer possible.
  • Hops: hops work together with barley to give the beer a sparkling touch, and give it its characteristic bitter touch.
  • Cereals: beer can be prepared in many ways, therefore, there are people who add wheat, corn, oats or fruits, to give explosive flavors to the drink.

How do you prepare beer?

The preparation of this drink consists of a series of steps, these cannot be omitted and must be carried out carefully to obtain a perfect beer, with all its flavor, smell and ideal color.


At this stage the grains are selected, soaked, germinated and ground. This process is done to determine the color of the drink.


When the beans are completely ground, it’s time to go to the mash. In this process, the water, grains and barley are united and in this way, the starch is converted into sugars, to complete the beer wort.


The filtration of the brewer’s wort is the third phase. Here, you will need a glass strainer, to separate the malt and grain residues, and remove them from the liquid. This liquid will go through the cooking phase later.


The brewing liquid will boil with the hop compounds. In this phase, the characteristics of the beer are generated, such as: color, taste and smell.

The process lasts one hour and it is necessary not to remove the must from the heat until it is ready, if so, the fermentation will not be completed

Fermentation and maturation

Fermentation is one of the last steps in brewing beer. In this phase, the liquid must be cooled, then the yeasts must be transformed into sugars and later converted into alcohol. This process will define the bitterness of the beer and its fizzy touch.

During maturation, the liquid, already converted into alcohol, should be left to cool to adequate temperatures. In this way, the profile of the beer will be established and the balance of flavors will be created.

Filtration and packaging

Filtration consists of passing the alcohol through a filter, in this way any residue that has remained in the liquid will be eliminated.

Subsequently, the beer must be packaged in its respective bottles, it is recommended that they be made of dark and strong glass. Then you can present your beer as you wish and enjoy your drink.

It can be difficult to prepare a rich beer, but with these steps you can follow the process correctly, gather the ingredients and go for it. ¬°Enjoy a good beer!

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