Octoberfest, a tradition that honors beer

Octoberfest is a celebration awaited by the entire German territory and by tourists. If you want to know what this celebration consists of, what was its origin and what activities are carried out, take a look at this article and be surprised by all this and more.

What is Octoberfest?

Octoberfest is a well-known celebration in Germany, it takes place in the months of September and October, and lasts approximately two weeks.

This great and fun party is held in Munich, however, it has traveled all over the planet, taking place in many cities in Germany and several countries around the world. At this party beer fans gather, sit at the bar and taste barrels of this drink.

It is important to note that the beers that are drunk in this celebration must have an alcohol content of 6%. These drinks are known by the name “Reinheitsgebot”, for being made with large quantities of barley and hops.

What was the origin of Octoberfest?

The origin of this celebration dates back to 1810, at the wedding of Prince Louis I of Bavaria and Princess Teresa of Saxony.

Their wedding celebration was developed with a theme similar to the current Octoberfest, with music, food, horse races, a cozy atmosphere and delicious beers. Due to the success of this celebration, it has continued to this day.

Between the months of September and October, people from all over the world prepare for the Octoberfest activities, causing people from all countries to come to Germany to enjoy themselves.

Traditions and celebration

In the celebration there is not only beer, Octoberfest has several traditions so that everyone can have a pleasant time.
With a fun atmosphere and a traditionally decorated setting with lights and flags, this is perfect for people to enjoy taking photos with their friends and listening to good music.

The entertaining horse races and attractions are a good way of distraction. In addition, for this celebration many mobile shops are prepared, where you can eat delicious food and buy fun objects. The celebration consists of three special moments, which define the aspects of the celebration.

Arrival of the hosts

This celebration begins with the inauguration, where the mayor kicks off the party and gives way to large kegs of beer and horse-drawn carriages. Later, the parade is presented accompanied by music and flags.

Traditional parades

Octoberfest is characterized as a colorful and lively celebration. It has a traditional parade, which is called “The anteroom of the beer barrel”, in this activity picturesque carriages with musical bands and decorated horses will parade.

The parade will be accompanied by the manager and the people who wish to participate. With maracas and charrascas, people lively enjoy the tour.

Open the beer kegs

Opening the beer kegs is the last activity that kicks off the celebration. In it, people get ready to taste the beers and start the two weeks of Octoberfest celebration.

What countries participate in Octoberfest?

This party is originally from Germany, but locals and locals come to this country, with their friends and family to celebrate Octoberfest in a perfect way.

However, countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Mexico, Spain, El Salvador and Colombia, hold their own celebration, where citizens participate by consuming liters of beers, listening to music, having fun at attractions and watching artistic shows, to enjoy Octoberfest like any German.

Cultural traditions are worth keeping alive and sharing them with other nations around the world. After reading all this, do not you want to participate in the Octoberfest? Go ahead and meet your friends for the next celebration, enjoy the good taste of  beers.

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