Our Beers

Belching Beaver does not brew good beer. We brew truly great beer. Currently, we are crafting 7 distinct beers that range from blondes to stouts, which are sure to please anyone’s tastes. Our first priority is using quality ingredients to create the beer recipes at our microbrewery. When we decided to move forward with the brewery, we told Troy not to worry about how much money we were spending on ingredients. With a name like Belching Beaver, we better have great beer or we would be the biggest joke in town. We contracted our hops before we found a location or even bought equipment. I told Troy that I would throw any beer out and delay opening unless it was perfect. In truth, we had no worries because Troy makes great beer. He did not disappoint! As my wife would say, “It’s fabulous.” Our customers say, “They’re all fabulous.” As Dave would say…well he would sniff out each aroma hop, and then describe the grapefruit flavors, the honey overtones and the crisp clean orange peel that delights the palate.

I just say, “Man, great beer!”

Our Core Beers

Me So Honey – Honey Wheat Ale

ABV: 5.5%, IBU: 19
This beer is smooth with lingering tastes of honey. It is made right here in Poway from wild flowers and cloves. This is a very drinkable beer for both the novice craft beer drinker to the experienced triple IPA beer guy. We have gone through kegs of this beer already.

Beavers Milk – Milk Stout

ABV: 5.3%, IBU: 30
Our milk stout is light to the taste yet frothy and silky. It starts with a slight coffee roasted beginning and tapers down to a residual sweetness to finish you off. Enjoy our Nitro or Co2; come in and make the comparison, it may surprise you. Specialty malts include: Barley, Dark Malts, Rolled Oats.
Gold Medal – World Beer Championships 2014
Gold Medal – World Beer Championships 2015

Rabid Beaver – Rye IPA

ABV: 7.0%, IBU: 60
This is brewed with a variety of specialty hops that are hard to find with today’s shortages, including the evasive Simcoe. This beer is clean, brisk and lighter than some with just the right amount of residual hops. The rye adds a spicyness to its malt flavor. Awesome!
Silver Medal – Del Mar Fair 2013
Gold Medal – World Beer Championships 2014

Dammed! – Double IPA

ABV: 8.8%, IBU: 75
It is a judges’ favorite and mine too. Our Dammed! Double IPA has more hops than logs in a dam! Yet, you would never know it. This beer carries all of the spicy and earthy complexity that hops offers without the harsh bitterness. With a clean finish, this beer is proof that God loves you, and He wants you to be happy.
Gold Medal – World Beer Championships 2014

Saison de Beaver – Saison

ABV: 7.3%, IBU: 29
Not your traditional Saison. It is delicious. Even the self-proclaimed picky Saison drinkers smile as if they are falling in love after trying our Beaver Saison. You think I am being corny? Come in and try it so you can experience love at first sip! Truly, it is a fine Saison.

Hop Hwy IPA

ABV: 7.3%, IBU: 65
Named after California’s Highway 78, this India Pale Ale was brewed in commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of the city of Vista. With plenty of Galaxy, Falconer’s Flight, Southern Cross and just a tad bit of Nelson hops, our latest IPA is truly sessionable. Aroma’s include grapefruit, passionfruit, and citrus.
Silver Medal – World Beer Championships 2014

Peanut Butter Milk Stout

ABV: 5.3%, IBU: 30
Our Peanut Butter Milk Stout is simply irresistible. It’s like dark chocolate Reese’s in a glass! Rolled oats and Lactose add to the creamy body of this beer while heavenly aromas of roasted buttery peanuts and chocolate greet you with every sip. Try this out with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a real treat!
Silver Medal – World Beer Championships 2014
Bronze Medal – World Beer Championships 2015

Seasonal and Limited Releases

Ol’ Dirty – Russian Imperial Stout

ABV: 10.5%, IBU: 70
It’s Old! …and Dirty! Our Russian Imperial Stout is our biggest beer brewed to date. With the majority of our batch going into rye bourbon barrels, this winter seasonal is already highly coveted in the tasting room … Protect ya neck.
Gold Medal – World Beer Championships 2014
Gold Medal – World Beer Championships 2015

Easy Beaver – Session Wheat IPA

ABV: 4.7%, IBU: 45
Easy Beaver is brewed just in time for the Spring and Summer seasons; designed to keep you refreshed and loaded with hops all day long. Every batch of Easy Beaver will feature a different strain of hops to showcase the varietal’s flavors and aromas. Crisp, clean, and aromatic, this session brew is bound to make you kick your feet up and smile.

Pound Town – Triple IPA

ABV: 10.3%, IBU: 100
Our head brewer’s ode to all that is hops. Thomas brewed this massive showcase of hops for the Alpha King Challenge during the 2014 Great American Beer Festival. Named for it’s 5 and 1/2 pounds of hops per barrel, Pound Town took first place and our hearts. Loaded with Mosaic, Citra, Amarillo, Nelson, and Simcoe.
1st Place – Alpha King Challenge 2014

Horchata Imperial Stout – Imperial Stout

ABV: 9.0%, IBU: 40
A salute to our south of the border brothers brewing great beer! An imperial stout brewed with vanilla, cinnamon and rice malt with a creamy medium body. It’s a real treat and dessert in a glass!
Silver Medal – World Beer Championships 2015